Do Dance Teachers Need to Workout?

I received a contact question from a dance teacher by what she could do today to get fit from a full day of teaching.

The Question:

My real question is I am a dance teacher, and as I’ve gotten older it’s harder to keep the bodyweight off. Any suggestions? It’s getting harder to work out after working for my energy teaching 5 classes every day.  – G

My Answer:

First and foremost I feel lit is vital to make sure you that you aren’t alone in this…

Many dance instructors worldwide proceed through similar challenges since they mature and /or their teaching schedules change. I just wrote about our challenges regarding this very topic inside a post on my Dance Meets Fitness blog I called, Practice What You

Step One: Cardiovascular training:

You mentioned that you simply teach 5 classes each day. This can be a heavy teaching schedule happening the assumption which is several (commonly five to six days) every week.

But the quantity of physical activity you are receiving from teaching classes will be different greatly depending on the technique, the level, age of students, and also the month or year.

General guidelines require cardiovascular / endurance training 5 days a week, for thirty minutes or more. You will have to see how much additional cardiovascular activity you’ll want to incorporate to satisfy the principles.

It is very important to adjust this system more than once throughout the year.

As dance instructors, our activity levels can change often because of factors including the holiday seasons, when the school has gone out as well as the complete shift we undergo for that summer months. Even the shift to the second term can cause change as our classes may need less demonstration and more traveling making corrections because our students are familiar with the warm-up and other routines.

Here are a few ideas for movement outside of dance class that may help you stay on track.

Studies show that 3 – 10-minute segments of cardiovascular activity for the duration of eventually is often as an effective jointly 30-minute workout.

So, try these ideas for shorter durations if you are finding it nearly impossible to find inside a full workout: walking, gardening, dancing, hiking, rhythmic movement in your home, (on the risk of repeating myself because I say this all time, my favorite is dancing around your family room for your favorite tunes). Look for possibilities to add in very movement activity, such as a brisk walk throughout a break or 10 min before you leave to the day

Step Two: Weight Barring Activity

I like to incorporate small amounts of exercise repeatedly each day. That being said. It is vital to gain some lean body mass.  It may be known that all pounds of lean body tissue burn another 30-50 calories every day. General guidelines for strength training suggest 2-3 times weekly.

Energy is necessary from the body to keep up lean body mass. By incorporating weight training you can develop stronger muscles, increase bone strength and density, and (an all-time favorite) burn additional calories while you are asleep!

I would recommend that you just purchase a couple of lightweights with dumbbells for your home. If you own your dance school leave them there. (If so, I’m guessing, you practically live there anyway, right?)

If you happen to be traveling from location to location, try using resistance bands that you can simply include your dance bag because they are extremely lightweight.

These products can be purchased at the local sports store.

Step Three: Calories In vs. Calories out:

Our bodies are incredible machines that run over a fuel system that starts with calories.

It’s as if your car, you have to position the fuel in, (preferably an improved quality of fuel) and yes it propels the automobile to go accordingly. When you run beyond fuel and therefore are looking to push the car on fumes you aren’t getting very far.

So, commence with considering your nutrition. Try to find a wholesome balance if you add in your body. To become aware of the products you’re eating, keep a journal of all things you take in for 7 days.

Once you have the proper fuel/nutrition, you want to be sure to burn calories by having the activities we discussed above.

The Good News:

As dancers and dance instructors rich in amounts of activity, it is possible that more than recent years there was not only a great deal of stress regarding maintaining your weight. So as the body changes this could seem like a significant challenge. The essential thing is always to focus on one goal of being fit and healthy instead of what the scale reads. You will see that you simply can combat the current challenges you face without a lot of difficulty or change in lifestyle. It’s vital to replenish all which you are giving out. You have the power within, so, create a dedication to give to yourself for several minutes per day! You’ll be glad you probably did.

The workout

This workout is simply a brief plan which will help you receive started, take into account that the same holds just like cardio routines and you will probably change it often.

I am offering this with all the assumption that getting to a fitness center with an hour workout is not likely in your case; if that is certainly the truth make this happen:

Here is a sample workout for every week.


No rest between exercises

: 30-second rest between sets

3 sets before the day are done


3 sets in a very row. One set: take three to five minutes between each of your respective classes and do one set before leaving your house, another set before your classes begin along with the last set at the end of one’s day.