Educator Learn How to Play Like a Studio Musician (in 30 Days)

Educator Learn How to Play Like a Studio Musician (in 30 Days)

I’ve always thought of like a studio musician at some time within my life, that’s the direction I had planned ongoing. I had sent applications for a college music program, visited the audition, and even got accepted on bass guitar, but I thought we would play it safe and acquire a small business degree. Despite this variation in plans, music was always my first love. Years later, I had the chance to use on a CD my friend had produced. It had been a couple of years since I was completely entrenched in music, so I had lost several of my “chops”.

I needed to have back to top form because playing in the studio isn’t like playing live. It’s a little nerve-wracking your first time. It’s a little bit like being with a microscope. You become considerably more alert to your timing (or lack thereof) along with your musical knowledge. In the studio, time is money, if you have no idea the music activity it is going to cost you. You generally don’t use studio-time to rehearse. Overall, the ability would be a good website to me nonetheless it left me wondering if I thought we would grab where I left off in university and become a studio musician, what it really would take.

I’ve been involved in music playing, but I would have some apprehension if I were required to return to the studio today. What would my game plan be for being studio-ready? Based on my own experience knowing that of well-respected, professional musicians, I believe this can be what it takes to get a great musician, regardless of your instrument or skill level.

1. Do your scales every day.

I say this to any or all of my students. Scales could be boring and repetitive, but …

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