The Competitive Edge

The Competitive Edge

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America has been losing the competitive edge after a great number of years of becoming on top rated. We saw it within the schools when the byword was that it really is much more important that students ought to feel excellent about themselves than find out useless information and facts in their classes. I’ve spoken to teachers in the elementary school grades up via college level and they are all saying precisely the same factor. The “leave no kid behind” policy that we embraced was probably the most misguided policy we could have ever adopted. It goes correct along with the dumbing down of America.

My primary concern with this emphasis on students feeling good about themselves is the fact that they are not getting offered the opportunity to fail or succeed in accordance with their own strengths and efforts. They’re building entitlement issues at such a young age which will make them unable to meet life’s exigencies. They won’t be able to hold a job that demands the most effective of them; they’ll usually be hunting for the simple way out and expecting that every thing really should be given to them with pretty little effort on their portion. And most of all, I’m concerned about how they’re going to survive in these tough economic instances.

I did not realize just how far we had fallen till I went back to a retailer where I had bought some books. I told the lady in the Customer support desk that the new book had a couple of chapters missing and that I wanted to exchange it for one that was total. She told me she could not exchange it because the retailer policy was no returns or exchanges just after 48 hours. I showed her my receipt and pointed out that I bought it two days ago. She said, “I told you that our store policy is 48 hours for all returns and exchanges so I can’t take it back.” I was dumbfounded. I mentioned to her “Two days equal 48 hours. She looked blankly at me so I mentioned, “A day equals 24 hours so 24 hours plus 24 hours equals 48 hours.” She let me exchange the book but looked at me as if I had been speaking in tongues. Shortly thereafter, the store changed its policy to not enabling any returns or exchanges on books.

In one more shop, a man in his late twenties or early thirties was waiting on me. I gave him my bank card and signed my name a bit above the signature line. He didn’t would like to accept it because I hadn’t signed on the line. At first I believed he was joking and I started to laugh. His face froze and he was adamant about not having the ability to accept my signature mainly because my name wasn’t written specifically around the line. I tried to clarify that it did not matter exactly where I signed the sales receipt provided that my signature matched the signature around the bank card. He wouldn’t budge. I ultimately told him to contact the store manager and it was difficult not to laugh at the manager’s facial expression when he heard what his employee was saying. Needless to say, my signature was accepted but the employee was livid.

We made use of to possess a competitive edge in education. Now we’ve graduates who can not even count out adjust in the cash register. Within the old days, cash registers just tallied the cost of the person’s merchandise plus the cashier took the money and counted out the modify within the customer’s hand. Today, the cash register prints out a receipt that tells the cashier how much cash the customer gave and how much alter he ought to get. Is it any wonder that our graduates can’t compete in the global arena for mathematical abilities?

I shudder to consider that these very same individuals who cannot count out change might not be able to reconcile their bank statement or find out their bank card debt. And I quake at the believed that these exact same people may go into government and be in charge of our national debt when they can’t even determine their very own debt. And I tremble in the thought that someday these very same folks might be in charge of producing a decision about a bailout that should cost all of us billions of dollars and not even know something about their very own credit card APR. But we can take heart; no less than they’re going to really feel excellent about themselves.