You Think You Are Perfect?

You Think You Are Perfect?

Do you really think that you are perfect? If your answer is yes, then, I really feel sorry for you. There is always a scope for betterment. Good news for those who acknowledge that nobody in his world, including them, is perfect. Everybody has some good and some bad aspects in his/her personality. What is important and needed is to seek out your pitfalls and to work upon them so as to have a well groomed personality. Those who think they are perfect can never grow. Here are some tips for you to groom your personality-

1. Be knowledgeable:

To have a good personality you must be knowledgeable. No matter which field you belong to. You must have ample amount of knowledge of your work area. Along with that you must also have decent general knowledge. Everybody look upon the person who is knowledgeable and respect him/her. Keep pursuing further education online to stay updated and acquire new skills in your domain.

2. Be confident:

Once you know that you posses decent level of knowledge, it’s time to be confident about yourself. The confidence level that you carry with yourself lays the basis of how others perceive your personality. A great author once said, it’s better to be over confident than to be under confident. Fake it till you make it. If you are not very confident about yourself, start faking that you are. Soon you will see that you have actually become confident of yourself.

3. Be well dressed:

Your wardrobe has a great significance in your personality. The way you dress up, yells about your personality. Imagine two different persons. One with longs hairs, loose t-shirt & jeans and other one in formal shirt, trouser and tie. Don’t they give two different impressions? You have to think how you want to look like. Professionals must be sharply dressed in order to project an appealing personality.

4. Communicate well:

Good communication skills are very vital for possessing a pleasing personality. A well groomed, confident and knowledgeable person might sound very dumb if he doesn’t possess good communication skills. Especially when you are a professional and you need to talk to many other intellectual professionals, possessing good communication skills become very important. One must be able to speak well. If you don’t posses good command over a language you must go for a language training course and brush up your skills. Don’t misunderstand good communication skills with just good speaking ability. One must also be a keen listener in order to be a good communicator.

5. Mind your body postures:

It has been rightly said that action speaks louder than words. Mind your body postures. Despite possessing all the above mentioned qualities a person might ruin his/her personality with absurd body postures. It is important to know what body posture indicates what. In order to look confident stand, walk and sit erect. A loose body and gestures give an expression of care free attitude. So you better mind your body postures and know more about various other gestures that yell about your personality, quietly.